Mobile Poker Tips

The delay between playing a downloaded poker game and actually playing a real money ring game is due to the time it takes to research and create the technology needed to give you complete security when playing with your favourite software. Mobile Tips are different to those you will read about anywhere else because poker on your mobile has an element to it that is not found in any other type of poker. Any ideas what this element is? Life! Due to the freedom you have as a mobile player you could be playing anywhere in the world that has internet signal on your mobile phone. I can imagine poker taking a different form in a couple of years where there may be separate divisions – one covering live (face to face), online poker and then extreme games where the players will be hanging off a mountain tapping on their blackberries!


Signal is precious – Your mobile phone signal is your lifeline to the matrix. Play mobile poker in areas that you know has a good signal strength. Playing on trains that frequently dip underground for short periods are a no no. If you are making those journeys then play a game that is not for real money.

Battery Life – Make sure your phone has good battery life. General phone maintenance is crucial when playing on your mobile. Some mobile phones quickly lose battery when connected to the internet. Change your battery or your phone to avoid this. Looking after your battery in accordance with the manufacturers guidelines is a free way to lengthen the life of your phone.

Making the decisions where your bankroll is on the line is not always easy to do when you are walking down the street passing an attractive lady and trying to avoid where a dog owner has not cleared up after their dog. Don’t play on the move, get settled.

If you are feeling that outside influences are effecting your decision making then turn the poker off and come back to it on your terms.

Remember it’s real money you are playing with and it doesn’t come for free. It is very easy to forget that those little numbers on the screen is your money and you worked hard to get it (hopefully) so don’t keep reloading your account because you keep going all in with silly cards.

The thing with mobile poker for real money or free money is that you have to adopt slightly different playing strategies in order to win. There is every chance in the future that many of the applications that online players use such as odds calculator etc will be free to download but at the moment none of them are available to Mobile Poker Players.